THE ARTISTS | Rainer Fest, Leipzig

Rainer Fest


Rainer Fest, born in 1953, studied at the Jurva School of Arts and Crafts in Finland from 1975 to 1981. He also studied in Germany and in Spain. His sculptures have been displayed in international exhibitions since 1986 and are included in both public and private collections.  Many of his works can be viewed in public spaces. His artistic body of work has received many grants both in Germany and abroad.

The central theme of Rainer Fest’s work is the bi-lateral visualisation of objects and the revelation of a perspective that shows these two versions as parts of a whole.

For Rainer Fest it is not only aesthetics that matter, but also a philosophical perspective that should almost offer itself to an attentive viewer. The significance of water becomes then particularly important. “Connection” is a central theme that runs through Fest’s art.

He works primiarily with things that cannot come together, he seeks the space between contradictions, the form of things that are invisible, hidden oneness, such as negative and positive, material and spiritual, here and beyond, life and death.

The observer is invited to investigate individual elements and to experience associations among them that would most likely be overlooked and ignored.