Festival City Wunsiedel

Wunsiedel is located within the Fichtelgebirge Nature Preserve. Both the city and the region share special cultural and natural connections to water. Water has shaped the city’s history: water has, on the one hand, helped Wunsiedel flourish; it has, however, also subjected the city to serious flooding in the past.

"Gabelmann" auf dem Essbaren Brunnen beim Brunnenfest 2017
“Gabelmann” on the edible water fountain during the Well and Fountain Festival 2017 (Photo: Stefan Frank)

The Well and Fountain Festival of Wunsiedel is a recognized non-material part of the Cultural Heritage of Germany.

Historic wells and fountains throughout the Old City have been preserved and are decorated every year on the Saturday before the Feast of Saint Johann. In 2018, the Festival with take place on the weekend of June 23rd and 24th.

Wunsiedel’s Luisenberg Theater Festival is the oldest and more frequently-visited theater festival on an open-air theater in Germany.

Four rivers flow from the Fichtelgebirge Mountains in all four cardinal directions: The Eger and the Saale Rivers flow into the Elbe, the White Main and the Red Main into the Rhine River, and the Naab into the Danube River.

A triangle of natural hot springs made up of the central European regions of Bohemia, Franconia and Saxony surrounds the Fichtelgebirge. In Alexandersbad, directly adjacent, is water with healing properies.

Wunsiedel marble, metamorphic rock from a prehistoric river, is the only real white marble found in Germany.

Essbarer Brunnen beim Brunnenfest 2017
Edible Fountain during the Well and Fountain Festival 2017 (Photo: Stefan Frank)

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