Bewerbung (Frist endete am 31.1.2018)

The Element of Water as art motif and theme

(The deadline for submissions was Wednesday, January 31, 2018, The jury’s decisions were made in February.)

Please submit photos of your work by e-mail which best showcase your skill, or send a written proposal of your planned work, even if you are submitting mutliple pieces.

Works from any and all areas of contemporary art are welcome for submission. Previously existing works as well as pieces created especially for the Water Games are also all welcome for submission.

Please send your resume or CV, three to five representative photos of your artistic style, and an estimate of the monetary value of your work (for insurance purposes), to

All selected artists will receive an honorarium of €1000 for participating. Furthermore, three “crowd favorites” will be chosen for honorable mention and put up for sale. Works from the exhibition project will be documented in the exhibition catalogue with thorough descriptions. They will also be featured in regional and multi-regional media, including art publications.

A jury of experts will choose the winning entries from the submissions. Legal recourse for submission will not be permitted. Invitations to participate will be sent out after the decisions have been made in February 2018.

Information regarding possible exhibition locations, competition details, a list of important dates, and a look back on the first Wunsiedler Water Games in 2001 are all available on this website.

The deadline for submissions is January 31, 2018. Realization of the Wunsiedel Water Games is subject to financial discretion. Applying to participate does not entitle one to make claims upon the Citizens’ Forum as organizers of the event.

Please feel free at any time during the competition to contact us with more specific questions regarding exhibition locations and other issues related to this project.

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