Wunsiedel Water Games

The Element of Water as art motif and theme

Wunsiedel Water Games
“ART IN THE CITY” in the festival city
Exhibition Project: June – September 2018

Deadline for submissions was Wednesday, January 31, 2018.
The jury made its decision in February.

15-20 artists were invited to exhibit their work in different locations in the city from June to September 2018: on water wells, on the streets and in market squares, in buildings (both empty and inhabited), in prominent locations as well as in quiet corners. When connected by well-planned routes through the city, these locations can make for some very special short excursions.

Tours, lectures and concerts compliment and round out the exhibition project with both historical and cultural commentary and with insights from current perspectives.

The kick-off event for the exhibition series was “Cult Night” on Saturday, May 5, and the official opening of the art exhibit was the weekend of June 16th and 17th, 2018; the exhibition will run parallel to the popular Luisenburg Theater Festival in Wunsiedel.

The 2018 Wunsiedel Water Games are an exhibition project of Wunsiedel’s Citizen Forum. Ostrovnad Ohre, a partner city in the Czech Republic, is also involved in the project.

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