DIE KÜNSTLER | Peter Angermann, Thurndorf

Peter Angermann


Born in 1945 in Rehau, the artist began his studies in 1966 in Nürnberg under Gerhard Wendland, continuing in 1968 in Düsseldorf under Joseph Beuys, with whom he built up a constructive dialogue.


After his studies, he left both Beuys and conceptual art and concentrated on painting, often with contemporary themes.

Based on a high affinity to Pleinair painting, Peter Angermann developed a visual language full of lightness and intense color domination, often laced with irony and wit. At the same time, he remains independent yet loyal to an anti avant-garde, unelitist artistic bent. His work could be atrributed to neo-expressionism. Peter Angermanns works are exhibited as multiple pieces in a group as well as individually in Amsterdam, Milan, and Seoul, and are in numerous public collections.

The artist groups YIUP (founded in 1969 with Robert Hartmann, Hans Rogalla, Hans Henin, and Hans Heiniger) und NORMAL (founded in 1981 with Milan Kunc und Jan Knap) can be traced back to his founding efforts. He received the Lisa and David Lauber Prize for Painting in 1981, and in 2016, he was awarded the Great Award from the City of Nürnberg.

Angermanns works also reflect his teaching at prestigious art schools. In 1986, he worked as Guest Lecturer at the College of Art in Reykjavik. From 1992 to 1993, Angermann was Visiting Professor for Art at the Comprehensive University in Kassel.
 Between 1996 and 2002, he was Professor for Painting in Frankfurt am Main and afterwards, he became Professor for Art at the Academy of Visual Art in Nürnberg, where he worked until 2010.

Peter Angermann now lives and works in Thurndorf and in Nürnberg.