THE ARTISTS | Jeff Beer, Gumpen

Jeff Beer (Foto: Wolfgang Zielonkowski)


Jeff Beer, born in 1952 in Mitterteich in the Upper Palatinate region, studied Composition, Percussion instruments and Piano at the College for Music in Würzburg. After his examinations and Master Class, he studied in Paris and in New York. Jeff Beer’s works have won numerous awards, including a double stipend from the German National Academic Foundation, the Bavarian State Award for Music and Visual Arts, and an award from the Xaver Fuhr Foundation in Regensburg.

Jeff Beer first concentrated on painting. Music followed soon afterwards. His expression pallet was thus expanded, and led to a unique, complex body of work that spans music, painting, drawing, wood sculpting, photography and language. This body constantly redefines itself and often manifests itself in cyclic complexes. The most intriguing aspects of Beers multi-facetedness could include his variety, the cross-pollination of his methods and experiences, his multi-media perspective that leads to surprising results, refreshing openings, cross-associations and experiences.

He has been working with the topic of water for many years. His studio is on the Waldnaab River, to which he has developed a special relationship. He expresses this in his drawings and texts, but particularly in his photography, with the continuous observation of living and perception spaces.