THE ARTISTS | Florian Meier, Creußen

Florian Meier


Born in 1990 in Weiden, Florian Meier trained as a product designer in Selb from 2009 – 2013. He then began a career as an independent artist. After an interlude in Leipzig, he moved to Creußen, where he began training as a carpenter. Florian Meier lives and works in Creußen.

Inspired by graffiti art, Florian first combines letters and shapes with strong contrasts, then sprays walls with unintelligible and almost illegible writing.

In the past, he found the aesthetics of form and color appealing, the contrast of dirtiness and tidiness, black and white. That was a long time ago, yet his love for painting remains. Aspects such as expression, composition and color choice have since come to the forefront. Whether on canvas or on a façade, for Meier it is red, blue and yellow.