THE ARTISTS | Alex Heil, Bergheim

Alex Heil (Foto: Dirk Behlau)


Alex Heil, born in 1970, studied Communication Science, Psychology, and Art Science in Essen and Liberal Arts in Darmstadt and Cologne. Today she is a Lecturer for Painting. Alex Heil lives and works in Bergheim, close to Cologne.

The artist specializes in Fine Arts and Realism and deals almost exclusively with the element of “Water”.


Alex Heil is fascinated by water, the antagonism and complement of motion and power. The way that water breaks up and diffuses light; “a complex aesthetic not reproducable in reality.”

The continuous thread in her compositions is the contrast between the strict geometry of a swimming pool and the organic, fluid motion of water, which distorts all shapes and straight edges into playful figures and creates a unique aesthetic which cannot be reproduced in real life. In painting, however, this limitation does not exist, and this is how Alex Heil, through her work, preserves these fleeting moments. Central elements are random, almost ornamental patterns that one would recognize, yet hardly notice.

Alex Heil secures these multi-faceted moments with her pictures, without really putting the focus on a specific object. She leaves enough leeway for one’s own interpretation, yet distances herself from it at the same time. “There is no deeper message in my works, it’s all about the aesthetic. That sounds superficial and is also meant to be so.” Look at the art, observe it, immerse yourself in it. That is what it is all about.