THE ARTISTS | Albrecht Fersch, Berlin

Albrecht Fersch


Albrecht Fersch, born in 1970 in Schweinfurt in Unterfranken, studied at the Academy of Art in Munich from 1993 to 1995. Between 2005 and 2006 he completed the “Essential Theater” training program in Berlin. He lives in Berlin and works as an art therapist and independent artist.

Along with various grants and scholarships, Albrecht Fersch has also received the “Kunstpreis Östliches Sauerland”.

Albrecht Fersch is a performance, kinetic and installation artist from Berlin. He switches back and forth among the different disciplines and also enjoys working with poetry and musical media. Whatever he came up with one day could be discarded by the next morning: beauty comes from daring. Things that currently exist are defined anew, things that are found are treated and used like those that were custom-made. Many of his works are also temporary and exist now only as documentation.

His artistic universe is a large archive in the middle of which a spring of whimsical ideas continuously bubbles. Despite the artist’s ever-changing look, recognizable motif patterns remain, such as networks, connections, agglomerations, the separation of identities, chaos and order. His intention is to create and show relationships and associations, bringing them together into an encyclopedic spiderweb, arranged not only alphabetically but also as he pleases.