THE ARTISTS | Ilse Dreher, Dreieich

Ilse Dreher


Ilse Dreher, born in 1950 in Dreieichenhain, is an independent artist, photographer, designer and author of theatrical works. She completed studies in Photography at the School of Photography in Hamburg Rotherbaum and studied at the College of Design in Offenbach/Main. Ilse Dreher lives and works in Dreieichenhain.


Since the beginning of the 1990s, Ilse Dreher has dealt with the idea of water. All different states of water show up in Ilse Dreher’s art like they do in all the different light settings water can be observed in. It is water’s fluidity, its unfixed nature, its flow, the way it is always changing, its perpetual transformation that inpires and motivates her. This is why she incoporates air, water, light and earth into her work. Dreher brings together both the archaic and the anarchic.

The artist both plays and allows one to play, be it through overdimensional photographs, collages or installations in the wild outdoors, she uses whatever she needs to get a certain expression across. In Wunsiedel she has two installations on display.