EVENTS : Urban Development Day and Kick-off Event for the 2018 Wunsiedel Water Games

Just in time for Urban Development Day and for the opening of the 2018 Wunsiedel Water Games, water from the heavens gave their own performance, including both light and sound effects in varying intensities.

Most visitors were prepared and equipped with umbrellas. The rich program offered enough places to stay dry. Readings, music, exhibits and sound installations all made it possible to discover places and corners of Wunsiedel that are otherwise overlooked: places which have slipped from the consciousness of Wunsiedel’s residents, but have caught the eyes of visitors. Empty places in the middle of town. Bringing these locations back into consciousness was the ingenious link to Urban Development Day. You could hear the excited “Wow!”s from visitors as they climbed staircases and went through old living spaces of individual gems scattered throughout the Old Town, apartments which often still had original furniture and plumbing, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Extensive tours connected these locations like pearls on a string.

This all coincided with the Kick-off Event for the 2018 Wunsiedel Water Games. From an international artistic competition under the theme “The Element of Water as Theme and Motif in Art”, 20 artists were selected by a jury who had to go through almost 200 submissions. These artists will be able to exhibit their works between June 16 and September 19 in Wunsiedel and turn empty spots, including outdoor loactions scattered around town, into attractive locations for presenting a wide variety of art. We are looking forward to all of it!

In the coming weeks up until the opening on June 16, we will present and introduce to you the participating artists.

Water from all over the world in the former “Schlecker” store.
The kick-off event for the 2018 Wunsiedel Water Games takes place 101 years to the day after the Great Flood in Wunsiedel. Detailed information is availble in an exhibit from the Task Force on City History in the old train station building.
A rich cultural program integrates empty locations in town. Here, for example, Brigitte Welker, an extra from the Luisenburg Theater, presents from the train station building.
Dr. Peter Seißer takes visitors on a tour on the history of the Wunsiedel Fountains and Wells. Pictured here is the Neptune Fountain in the Gabelmanns Square.